Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nico's First AT report.

Well, it looks like Nico is doing alright. His report showed that he has been showing some caution through his temp testing but nothing that seems too drastic. It's a teenyyy bit surprising because he typically was a very easy going pup. But as all PR's know puppies tend to make some temperment changes due to the extreme change of lifestyle. So I wasn't too shocked by that news. We'll really see how things are for him once the real training starts in about a week.

The thing that caught my attention the most about Nico's report was the health portion though. It said that they had found a heart murmur. BUT, further tests have been done and it turns out he's ok. He has been removed from the potential breeder program and will be neutered soon. My puppy program manager said that the murmur should have no impact on his physical activity level or his ability to be a working dog. PHEW!
It also said he has Distichia hairs in both eyes that will be surgically removed if necessary.

Well that's all the info I've got for now! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving :]

MaryAngela and Madias.

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