Friday, December 18, 2009

Sorry it's been so long!

Hey everyone!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Hmmm where to begin...I guess I'll just give you the whats what with Madias! He's growing like a weed and doing great with training. Right now he has his Sit (with an implied stay for about 30 seconds) done perfectly! We're working on extending that to as long as possible.
This past week I've been doing a ton of on-leash/gentle leader training with him. The way he reacts to going on walks would make you think he's a 6 month old pup! He doesn't paw at the gentle leader at all anymore and will walk at my side for at least one mile.

On Monday night Madias had his third puppy class. We worked on surface training, which went really well! The one thing I discovered on Monday that Madias could really use some work with is not obsessing over the PPM's border collie CCI pup in training, Angus. Angus isn't a huge fan of him, which of course makes him Madias' favorite dog in the whole wide world! And naturally he will NOT rest until they're buddies. Soo my new endevor for class, trying to get Madias to stop staring at Gus all night :P lol.

As far as the house-breaking goes he has been bouncing back and forth. Some days he'll be perfect and ask to go outside to "hurry" everytime, and some he'll just be a terror and have at least 5 accidents in the house! A few days ago he began smacking the leash hanging on the door handle into the door when he needed to go out. After noticing how well he did with having this signal I decided to put a bell on the door for him. The bell is working great and he's had hardly any accidents the last few days! My only worry is that once my older dogs figure out this trick, they'll be ringing it non stop!

Well thats all for now! Incase I don't get back on here before then, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and great New Year!

MaryAngela and Madias.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Growing up fast!

Hey All,
Just a quick Madias update.
He's doing really well. We're still learning sit, down, let's go, and speak. Madias is a good student and picking everything up fairly easily. He's a good boy with a lot of personality. He never fails to give me a good laugh many times throughout the day :]

Madias and I went to his first puppy class on Monday night! Since most of the class is older, there was no separation for young and old puppies this week. The class was working on doing a CCI version of a rally obedience course. Obviously Madias is not quite at the point to be able to do that. But he still did a great job just working on his basic commands in the corner with me. He doesn't seem to be too distracted by other dogs and all the exciting things going on at class. I'm looking forward to working on more advanced stuff with him. I'll think he'll do really well!

Towards the end of the class Madias and I went back with Jen from CCI(who is in charge of the study) into the health center in the kennel. That study I mentioned previously requires serum samples to be taken on certain dates. It was a neat expierence for me to learn how to hold a pup while they're getting blood drawn and to see exactly how it's done. He was a bit wiggly the first time around and wound up making us lose the vain. But then having already expierenced the pain of stabbing himself, he was amazingly still the second time around and we were done clean and quick! On Monday Jen is coming out to our house to take the next sample. I'm thinking I'll have someone put some puppy toothpaste on their fingers for him to lick off during it. Since he did have that unpleasent expierence last time, I'd rather make this one a little less frightning.

Oh and Rachael, you should know that he sure is his fathers son!! The big tough guy grumbles have started! lol.

That's all for now!

p.s. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for Nico, Nuri, and Nanette who are begining formal training!! Good luck N puppies!!!

MaryAngela and Madias.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nico's First AT report.

Well, it looks like Nico is doing alright. His report showed that he has been showing some caution through his temp testing but nothing that seems too drastic. It's a teenyyy bit surprising because he typically was a very easy going pup. But as all PR's know puppies tend to make some temperment changes due to the extreme change of lifestyle. So I wasn't too shocked by that news. We'll really see how things are for him once the real training starts in about a week.

The thing that caught my attention the most about Nico's report was the health portion though. It said that they had found a heart murmur. BUT, further tests have been done and it turns out he's ok. He has been removed from the potential breeder program and will be neutered soon. My puppy program manager said that the murmur should have no impact on his physical activity level or his ability to be a working dog. PHEW!
It also said he has Distichia hairs in both eyes that will be surgically removed if necessary.

Well that's all the info I've got for now! I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving :]

MaryAngela and Madias.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Mighty Madias!

So as of Wednesday night I am raising my 4th puppy for CCI! Boy is he a funny pup. He's very vocal and likes to roll his tounge when he barks making this weird wookie noise! He also has become very fond of "burrowing" in any pillows and blankets he can find.

Madias likes to play, but only for short periods of time. He then naps for VERY VERY LONG periods of time. I'm a big fan of this trait :]. One of my new favorite things to do is stand him up while he's napping, then just watch him flop back down lazily and pass out again. He's too cute!

Since he's nice and settled in I started going over some more training with him today. He tried on his cape and gentle leader and had surprisingly very calm reactions to both! I don't think it should take to long to acclimate him to either one. We also worked on Sit, Down, and Speak. He took nicely to Sit and Down and LOVED learning Speak.

Madias is one of many pups chosen to partake in a Probiotics Study. This means for the first 9 weeks I have him he is on his special "Study Diet". Every morning I give him his study treat and give him a spefic Eukanuba food that was provided for the study. He loves his study treat and looks forward to it every morning! In addition to this I have to provide various types of samples from him on specific dates, and keep track and score his stools. My dad has been having a lot of fun with this and everytime Madias goes out to "Hurry" says, "Make sure you have a good poop to get a good score!". He's a bit strange :]

I could go on and on but I'm short on time so I'll have to leave the rest for another post!

MaryAngela and Madias.

First post.

Hi everyone!
So this is my first post. Here's a little background to start.
My name is MaryAngela. I got involved with CCI back in 2004 when my younger sister received her Skilled Companion Dog, Taffy II. I knew then I wanted to be more involved with the organization. So here I am now having completed raising 3 pups and just started number 4!
Quick Puppy Overview:

Pup number one is named Lorenz. I got him Oct '05. He's a black lab golden retiever mix(BLGX). I owe so much to this dog for helping me mature into the person I am today. Lorenz turned in to CCI in Feb '07 and was released from the program about 3 months later due to anxiety.Lorenz is now an extremly loved perminent member of my family.

On to number two! He is another BLGX named Calvin III that I got in Apr '07. Ohh Calvin..This pup sure put my training skills and patience to the test! But I wouldn't trade any of my time spent with him for the world. I learned a ton from him and couldn't be more greatful. Cal's journey with me ended in Sept '08 when he returned to CCI. He was released after 2 months. He did fairly well with his training but it was decided he was a bit too smart/aloof to be an Assistance Dog. Calvin now lives with my Vetrinarian, Jen. They are a match made in heaven and I couldn't be happier for him.

Number three!! Nico IV! Nico is a full golden retriever that I received Sept '08. Nico was my mush. His sweet temperment and desire to please could not be beat. I just turned him in to CCI on Nov 14th '09. It of course broke my heart to do so but I see a ton of potential in him and can't wait to see what life has in store for him! I'll get my first report for him on Nov 25th(MY BIRTHDAY! hopefully it's good news!). More posts about Nico's progress in Advanced Training to come soon.

Now finally, number 4, Madias. He is the pup I have right now and will be posting about on this blog. I've got A LOT to say about him so I'll leave that for the next post :]

MaryAngela and Madias.