Friday, November 20, 2009

Mighty Madias!

So as of Wednesday night I am raising my 4th puppy for CCI! Boy is he a funny pup. He's very vocal and likes to roll his tounge when he barks making this weird wookie noise! He also has become very fond of "burrowing" in any pillows and blankets he can find.

Madias likes to play, but only for short periods of time. He then naps for VERY VERY LONG periods of time. I'm a big fan of this trait :]. One of my new favorite things to do is stand him up while he's napping, then just watch him flop back down lazily and pass out again. He's too cute!

Since he's nice and settled in I started going over some more training with him today. He tried on his cape and gentle leader and had surprisingly very calm reactions to both! I don't think it should take to long to acclimate him to either one. We also worked on Sit, Down, and Speak. He took nicely to Sit and Down and LOVED learning Speak.

Madias is one of many pups chosen to partake in a Probiotics Study. This means for the first 9 weeks I have him he is on his special "Study Diet". Every morning I give him his study treat and give him a spefic Eukanuba food that was provided for the study. He loves his study treat and looks forward to it every morning! In addition to this I have to provide various types of samples from him on specific dates, and keep track and score his stools. My dad has been having a lot of fun with this and everytime Madias goes out to "Hurry" says, "Make sure you have a good poop to get a good score!". He's a bit strange :]

I could go on and on but I'm short on time so I'll have to leave the rest for another post!

MaryAngela and Madias.


  1. Thanks for bloggin on Madias. I'm raising littermate, Micron, and will be looking forward to reading about Madias as he's growing. I love your heading of Mighty Madias. We've started referring to our little guy as The Mighty Mr. Micron.

  2. Yay!! you now have a blog!! have fun writing it, it's a lot of fun. let me know if you need any help!

  3. haha mighty just goes so well with their names!

    and lauren, i have noooooooo idea how to work this thing!!!! lol