Saturday, November 28, 2009

Growing up fast!

Hey All,
Just a quick Madias update.
He's doing really well. We're still learning sit, down, let's go, and speak. Madias is a good student and picking everything up fairly easily. He's a good boy with a lot of personality. He never fails to give me a good laugh many times throughout the day :]

Madias and I went to his first puppy class on Monday night! Since most of the class is older, there was no separation for young and old puppies this week. The class was working on doing a CCI version of a rally obedience course. Obviously Madias is not quite at the point to be able to do that. But he still did a great job just working on his basic commands in the corner with me. He doesn't seem to be too distracted by other dogs and all the exciting things going on at class. I'm looking forward to working on more advanced stuff with him. I'll think he'll do really well!

Towards the end of the class Madias and I went back with Jen from CCI(who is in charge of the study) into the health center in the kennel. That study I mentioned previously requires serum samples to be taken on certain dates. It was a neat expierence for me to learn how to hold a pup while they're getting blood drawn and to see exactly how it's done. He was a bit wiggly the first time around and wound up making us lose the vain. But then having already expierenced the pain of stabbing himself, he was amazingly still the second time around and we were done clean and quick! On Monday Jen is coming out to our house to take the next sample. I'm thinking I'll have someone put some puppy toothpaste on their fingers for him to lick off during it. Since he did have that unpleasent expierence last time, I'd rather make this one a little less frightning.

Oh and Rachael, you should know that he sure is his fathers son!! The big tough guy grumbles have started! lol.

That's all for now!

p.s. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for Nico, Nuri, and Nanette who are begining formal training!! Good luck N puppies!!!

MaryAngela and Madias.

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