Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Morning from Madias!

Hi Everyone!

I'm trying to get these posts up more often, so that I can have lots of short ones instead of a few big ones!

Madias' mornings...

Madias wakes up and heads outside to "Hurry". He comes in, eats his breakfast, and gives me a nice, sweet, calm morning greeting. But then.. he goes upstairs...

Being the only puppy in the house Madias naturally finds it his duty to be the alarm clock for the house. He runs upstairs sounding like a stampede and proceeds to run up and down the halls BARKING HIS HEAD OFF to ensure the whole family is aware of this bright new day that has come. Once he is sure everyone has been informed of this extremely important statement of his, he flings himself on my parents bed to take a nap. Isn't being a puppy just so exhausting??

Yeah, we're gonna have to work on some manners with this funny little quirk of his ;]

And that's Madias' mornings. No time for anymore now, it sounds like someone didn't wake up yet and he's off to round two of alarm clock duty :/

More to come later!

MaryAngela and Madias.

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