Friday, February 26, 2010


Hi everyone!

Well Madias is a big 5 month old now!!!!!!!!!! As a lot of you know it's about time to start public outings. We're just waiting on the big boy cape :]

In the last few months Madias has grown so much in both size and maturity. We've been working really hard on advancing his commands and making him all around a more polite and well-behaved pup. He's doing great with it! His "Heel" and "Side" commands are almost perfect :]

During CCI's Feb Team Training, we spent a great deal of time at CCI. Watching all the "big dogs" work was great for Madias! He picked up on a lot of really good behaviors and seriously grew up so much in those two weeks. Now that we're back home I've had to try and be a bit more active in our regular life-style because he got so used to all the constant working he did!

As for Nico, he is now officially a 2nd semester Advanced Training dog!! This means he's beginning to advance even further in his formal training. He'll be working on things like retrieving items, opening/closing doors, and turning lights on/off. He'll have to learn these things while having his handler sitting in a wheelchair at times as well.

As far as his reports go. They look pretty good. I'm really proud of him and have high hopes for him. :]

Hoping for the best for both my boys! Nico in AT, and Madias in oh-so-crazy-puppyhood!



  1. Yay for Nico and Madias, too.
    Our best to all!
    Navarro's puppyraisers

  2. Thanks Celeste! Hope all is well with Navarro too!!!!